Utah Lawn Aeration Tips

Aerate Lawn Tips:

  1. Aerators that pull out plugs of soil should be used, not one that just uses spikes. It is easy to think that the spikes will make holes that allow water and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass like any other aerator, but this is not true. The spikes don’t take out any soil with them, they just compact the soil even more which adds to the problem that we are trying to solve in the first place. Good lawn aerating actually removes plugs of soil so that it will be less compact.
  2. Your yard should be watered thoroughly the night before planning to lawn aerate, especially in Utah. Doing this will help ensure that the soil is soft and easy to work with. Aerating lawns becomes much more of a challenge if your yard is dry.
  3. Lawn aerating should be done most frequently in the areas of your yard that have the most traffic. When there is a lot of foot, car, and other traffic in your yard, lawn aeration can help quite a bit with problems such as slow growing grass and other resistances. Also, aerating your lawn sometimes has the ability to make weaker lawns more vulnerable to weeds and insects; therefore, a herbicide or fertilizer should be applied after aerating your lawn.
  4. When everything is done with lawn aeration, the plugs should be removed from your yard. There is a good chance that you’ve walked by someone’s yard that just finished lawn aerating and thought that some dogs had just been there. Get rid of any bad glances at your yard by neighbors and others. The plugs just need to be gathered up and thrown away, or broken up and removed by a lawn mower.

Lawn Aeration – Why and When

Why Aerate Lawn:

When your soil gets too compact, there’s a good chance that your grass might not be getting the air and nutrients that it needs to reach its full potential. Lawn aeration, or core aeration, will help fix this problem by pulling up plugs of soil and then allowing air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass.

Lawn aeration will help strengthen the roots and allow them to grow deeper. Strong roots in grass will help make it look very green and more beautiful.

When To Aerate Lawn:

Lawn aerating 2 times a year is ideal, once in the spring and once in the fall. With good aerators, lawn aeration can be a project to do yourself, but a yard care specialist can aerate your lawn for a very reasonable price as well. This is where The Lawn Aeration Pros step in and get the job done.

How We Aerate Lawn:

The Lawn Aeration Pros in Utah know that customer service is a priority. We are not your run-around yard service providers. It is our goal to make sure that all of our customers feel that we did the lawn aerating with high efficiency and great quality. We want your yard to look better. Aerating lawns is our business, and we exceed expectations. We plan to aerate your lawn quickly and leave you with a smile. Core aeration is awesome!

Starting the Lawn Aeration Blog

water lawnThe Lawn Aeration Pros in Utah are proud to announce that we are officially starting our new blog. We plan on giving updates every so often on lawn aeration and other lawn care tips in general.

Taking care of lawns can be hard work, but we plan on letting everyone know how they can do it correctly. Everyone wants a nice looking yard to show off to their family, friends, and neighbors. Aerating your lawn and fertilizing it correctly will give you that extra edge that your lawn needs to look better than your neighbors. We are ready to make the world a prettier place!

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